Month Special December 2018


  • Aloo Bonda $6
  • Aloo Bonda is a typical South Indian snack, stuffed with potato spices mixture.

  • Chicken Shawarma $8
  • Fresh Chopped Chicken grilled with special spices and wrapped in Naan bread with Mayonnaise.


  • Veg Vindaloo $14
  • Southern Indian specialty, mixed veggies cooked in spicy and tangy sauce with potatoes

  • Chicken Palak Chole $16
  • Combination of Chicken cubes with fresh baby Spinach & beans cooked in Onion Tomato based curry

  • Lamb Jalfrezi $18
  • Chunks of Lamb with peppers, onion, garbanzo beans & some Vegetables.

    Goat Curry (With Bone)

  • Curry $20
  • Chunks of tender Goat cooked in thick curry sauce..

  • Salmon Masala $22
  • Tandoori baked Salmon grilled with Tikka Masala sauce.