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Daal Tadka

Yellow Lentil tempered with Indian spices & tomatoes. Indian herbs and spices.

Chana Massala

Garbanzo beans simmered in a tomato-onion gravy and flavored with Spices) (vegan)

Aloo Gobi

Steamed cauliflower with potatoes & tomatoes; flavored with Indian herbs and spices. (vegan)

Aloo Mutter

Potatoes and Peas cooked in a light curry sauce.

Mutter Paneer

A delightful combination of Indian cheese cubes, Peas and lightly cashew nut sauce.

Bhindi Masala

Stir fried Okra with tomato seasoning and stir fried onions. (vegan)

Paneer Kadai

Homemade cheese cooked with bell peppers onions, tomatoes and freshly ground spices.

Paneer Tikka Masala

Homemade cheese cooked in tangy tomato sauce.

Malai Kofta

Vegetable balls cooked in lightly cashews Sauce.

Palak Paneer

Fresh spinach with homemade cheese cubes cooked in mild spices and herbs.

Vegetable Korma

Variety of fresh bland vegetables cooked in a light cream sauce and special blend of spices

Baigan Bharta

Eggplant baked in our clay oven then mashed and sauteed with onion, tomatoes, garlic, ginger.

Vegetable Masala

Mixed bland vegetables cooked w/chef special tikka masala sauce.

Aloo Daal Palak

Baby Spinach cooked with lentil, potatos and spices.

Coconut Veg Curry

Mix bland vegetable cooked w/ coconut milk, onion & tomato sauce.

Chana Palak

Fresh baby spinach cooked with garbanzo.

Lamb Curry

        Chunks of tender lamb cooked in mildly spiced sauce.

Lamb Tikka Masala

Lean cubes of lamb cooked and finished in a masala sauce

Shahi Lamb Korma

Lamb simmered in mild creamy sauce with almonds and cashews.

Lamb Saag

Boneless lamb cooked with spinach and flavored with freshly ground ginger, garlic and spices

Lamb Vindaloo

 Highly spiced southern Indian specialty lamb cooked in spicy and tangy sauce with potatoes

Lamb Chilly Kadai

Lamb cubes cooked with onions, bell peppers, fresh tomatoes,tempered with ginger and garlic

Coconut Lamb Curry

Boneless lamb cubes cooked with coconut milk, onion & tomato sauce.

Chicken Curry

Home style North Indian Classic chicken dish cooked in thick curry sauce.

Shahi Chicken Korma

Boneless chicken breast pcs. cooked in creamy cashew almond sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken breast cubs serve with tangy tomato sauce.

Chicken Saag

Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a spinach.

Chicken Makhni

Shredded dark meat chicken in a tomato, butter and masala sauce.

Chicken Chilly Kadai

Medium spiced chicken prepared with onions and bell pepper.

Chicken Vindaloo

Highly spiced southern Indian specialty chicken Tenders cooked in spicy and tangy sauce with potatoes

Coconut Chicken Curry

Chicken breast cubes cooked with coconut milk, onion & tomato sauce.